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The 321Go guided tour introduces the various sections and facilities of this website. Step by step all information and services will thus be revealed to you.

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What is 321Go.org about?

The website 321Go.org has the following aims:

  • attract potential players and make them interested in the game of Go.
  • provide facilities to these novice go players to keep them interested
  • provide challenging material to make them increasingly fascinated by the game of Go.
  • provide Go players of all ranks with study material and personal coaching to help them to reach an intermediate level.

In order to realize these aims a special taskforce has been established: the 321Go project team consisting of:

  • Jan van der Steen - GoBase.org, IT solutions, representing IGS-PandaNet and coach
  • Wim Berkelmans - boardmember of the Dutch Go Association, author of go workbooks and coach
  • Hans Mugge - Shibui.nl, Design, Cognitive Ergonomic Designer

The website 321Go.org will serve as the central place to attract and host a new generation of Go players, a generation who meets, learns and plays Go on the internet.

Meanwhile, plans are in the pipeline to establish school programs in order to actively spread the game of Go by using the facilities and infrastructure of the 321Go.org website.

PandaNet will develop a special go server and client to support the members of 321Go. Using this server games can be played and online coaching can be provided.

Using the PandaNet go server, national tournaments between schools and centralized community meeting and study days are a logical consequence once enough critical mass has been achieved.

The website will provide facilities in multiple languages. Currently Dutch and English are supported. Other countries are welcome to join.

The following pages will guide you through the various sections of the website 321Go.org, thus introducing to you the first stage of this project.


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