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The 321Go website is meant for people who want to learn the game of Go, so it is for beginners.
But advanced players can also benefit from the services on the website.

The website provides an online course and you can ask experienced players for help. Just have a look around.

For some services on the website you need a 321Go-account. A 321Go-account is free of charge.


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Learn to play the game with the free online course

Improve your game with personal coaching

Sharpen your insight with one of the 2000 daily puzzles

Take a tour and learn what 321Go can do for you as pupil or teacher

321Go - news

Free teaching game
2017-10-18 | People who have finished the first 3 chapters can opt for an interactive teaching... read more

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321Go - helpdesk

http://321go.org/cursus/img/uitleg%20tellen.gif Chapter...
2017-11-30 | L.S. You are correct, but fortunately the Dutch was not that difficult that you were... read more
Hello. I have a question about this...
2017-02-17 | After Black B2 (2.2) White gives atari with D1. Black connects with C2. White plays... read more
Hello, I was a little bit confused...
2016-04-03 | Dear Joe, if White plays at B4 then becomes A5 an eye (1 point). The white group... read more

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321Go - tips

Play go online!
2015-05-28 | You did all the problems on 321go, and now you want to test your skills against real... read more

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321Go - analyse room

which sequence is better, right or...
2012-11-05 | Make more one point jumps.The sequence right was better
joseki, kogo suggests move 13 is...
2007-10-30 | You are correct
Please Delete: Duplicate
2007-10-30 | Please Delete: Duplicate

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